Texas Pepper Jelly

Peach Mango Sweet Bird Bath

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Take the sweet flavor of fruits that go hand in hand blend them together and you get Texas Pepper Jelly's Peach Mango Sweet Bird Bath™.

This fruit duo brings all the sweetness and none of the heat to your meal. If you aren’t a habanero sauce lover and are prone to the sweeter side of foods, this is the perfect chicken glaze for you!

How do I add this peach mango sauce to my grilled chicken?

When it comes to Texas Pepper Jelly sauces, they make things simple. Whether it is sweet like this one or habanero hot like their Peachy Peach Habanero Rib Candy flavor they take the consistency of their products seriously.

They make it pourable and brushable! You can add this glaze to your chicken by simply applying it with a basting brush. Better yet, drizzle it over the hot bird and let it melt all down the sides.

You have options; add it during the cooking process or pour it into a bowl and dip your fully cooked poultry into it. Either way, you’ll enjoy the full fruity flavor of the glaze in every bite.